Torq Fuelling System Pack

Torq fuelling system pack is ideal for that big event when your body requires extra fuel on the day, can also can be used as an introduction to the Torq product line and sample many of the great flavours available.

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Ideal for newcomers to sports nutrition that want a Fuelling system that works; equally great as a year-round gift for cyclists, runners and all endurance athletes.

The TORQ Fuelling System pack explains the merits of the system, so that you know exactly what to take, when to take it and the associated benefits of following the TORQ Fuelling system.


  • TORQ 500ml bottle 
  • TORQ Energy Drink Single Serves x 3 ( Lime & Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant ) 
  • TORQ Gels x 3 ( Rhubarb & Custard, Raspberry Ripple, Black Cherry Yoghurt ) 
  • TORQ Bars x 2 ( Raspberry & Apple, Sundried Banana ) 
  • TORQ Chew x 1 ( Mango )
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Sizing Guide
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