Cycletribe’s Castelli Dress Guide from Head to Toe

Winter is creeping up along the horizon and we find the cold mornings replacing the slightly more bearable warm Irish ‘summer’ days, the cyclist is left with the age old question, ‘is the weather too bad for training?’. Thankfully the infamous Sean Kelly has just the answer for you within saying ‘to know if the weather is too bad for training, put on your gear and go training, then you know when you get back.

Thankfully us here at Cycletribe have the solution to the cold mornings in the shape /size (Any size for that matter!) of the Castelli cycling brand where within this blog we embrace winter which is made easier with the specially purposed winter clothing that Castelli has bestowed upon us lucky cyclists. If you too would like to minimise the chances of a cancelled training ride due to the cold weather then you’ve probably come to the right place, with Cycletribe’s Castelli Dress Guide from Head to Toe will guide you towards miles on the bike and less time sitting inside staring out thinking “maybe I should have trained!”

Castelli Pro Thermal Head Thingy - SHOP NOW

Firstly to start off your winter wardrobe essentials we have the aptly named Castelli Head Thingy. 
The purpose – Protects your head from the cold elements and helps regulate body temperature.

Castelli Pro Thermal Skully - SHOP NOW
Next moving down to the neck we have the Castelli Pro Thermal Skully.
The purpose – To protect the cyclist’s neck from the dreaded winter wind chill. (One of the most important areas to protect when the temperature drops.

Castelli Flanders Warm LS Base Layer - SHOP NOW
Provides optimal warmth to the cyclist. 
The purpose - It wicks the sweat away and comfortable against the skin. The soft merino wool offers good insulation with the added bonus of anti-odour properties, making non itchy and no odd smells.


Castelli Fondo 2 Jersey FZ - SHOP NOW
Next we move onto the Castelli Fondo 2 Jersey FZ.
The purpose – Can be worn as a middle layer when wearing multiple layers or on its own on a mild winter day. It’s made from 100% polyester with soft fleece on the inside for extra warmth.

Castelli Squadra Stretch Jacket - SHOP NOW
The Squadra Stretch Jacket is a key component to your wardrobe this season.
The purpose – A packable jacket. A key piece of your cycling wardrobe. It keeps the wind off on cool weather rides. An updated version with stretch side panels which comes in handy for when you’re layering up.

Castelli Perfetto ROS Jacket - SHOP NOW
The Perfetto ROS Jacket is a staple of the cyclist wardrobe.
The purpose – A versatile cycling jacket that is suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. Designed with Gore-Tex Infinium fabrics exclusive to Castelli – the front panels are 100% windproof and lightly fleeced to enhance warmth. The rear panel is lighter and has more stretch to it, to ensure perfect fit and breathability. The jacket is also highly water resistant.

Castelli Diluvio Classic Gloves - SHOP NOW
Next on the list to keep those hands warm and keep them from being numb!!
The purpose – Constructed from Neoprene which is the same rubber used in wetsuits. An ideal glove paired with neoprene this makes it an all-round winner this winter.

Castelli Tutto Nano Bib Tights - SHOP NOW 
The cyclist’s best friend this winter!!
The purpose – Offers all round weather conditions for winter riding purposes. Super soft fleece, water resistant fabrics. The classic kiss seat pad in these bib tights offers maximal comfort for long training rides.

Castelli Diluvio Pro Shoe Covers - SHOP NOW
Keep the feet warm throughout the cold season!!
The purpose - Neoprene pro shoe covers designed by Team INEOS who wanted overshoes with additional length for cycling in the wet and cold conditions.

Castelli Gregge 15 Socks - SHOP NOW
Last but certainly not least important is a decent pair of socks this winter, thankfully we have just the ones for you! 
The purpose- Super warm merino wool socks that keep your feet warm and dry and keep them odourless after training rides!

And that’s a wrap on our first Cycletribe blog! We hope you enjoyed and gained some new knowledge of the wide variety of Castelli winter clothing we have to keep you on the road and warm this winter! Until next time.