Cycletribe’s Guide to Bike Lights

Winter training and cycling lights seem to go hand in hand just like a cyclist and a café stop . Lights should be a key feature to every cyclist’s bike to ensure optimal safety and visibility as the evenings draw in darker every day.

The purpose of cycling lights is a simple one – to aid your visibility on the road to see exactly where you’re going or about to go into and to make sure any motorists can also see you. By being equipped with a quality set of winter lig hts from us here at Cycletribe it can open up your winter training to a whole new world by being able to train or continue training as the sun goes down and it’ll keep you safe in doing so!

But there are many different factors to consider when in the mark et for new bike lights, such as the run time, price, and the lumens (brightness). You’re probably asking yourself how many lumens is enough? -

For city riding on well - lit streets ? Under 100 lumen lights would be sufficient if you just need to be seen by motorists. -

If you’re on the open roads away from the city ? 100 - 300 lumens ensure you will be able to see the road and can see pedestrians and motorists can see you. -

If you’re in the countryside and want to see the road clearly ahead of you clearly 300 - 1000 lumens will make sure you’re seen by motorists too. - If you take to off - road riding for the winter the brightest lights you can get 1000+ lumens will ensure you can see the trail and for any obstacles or tricky descents in front of you!

So you’re probably asking yourself, what lights should I get ? Well , read below as we present to you the wide variety of lights we have in stock to keep you going through the dark this winter.

The first light we have on this list is the Lezyne Strip Drive 150 Rear Light - SHOP NOW
A compact and light 150 lumens rear l ight it has an impressive runtime of 57 hours, including USB rechargeability, with a recharge time of just 2 hours. With 11 modes this is a great light to have on the seatpost this winter!

Next on the list for rear lights we have the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 Rear Light - SHOP NOW
 This has all the features of the previous Lezyne rear light except, it has 300 lumens. This has a wide range of modes with a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes all the way up to 11 hours runtime, with a large visibility output to be seen and safe whilst training.

We move onto a front light now which is just as important as a rear light, the Lezyne Micro Drive 600 XL Front Light - SHOP NOW 
A dual - led USB rechargeable front light wi th a runtime of up to 44 hours with 600 lumens, this truly is a great light with nine output modes including a daytime flash mode. The straps are versatile and will fit securely to most bike bar sizes.

Moving on to our Cateye products, another cycling brand that offers great cycling light products!

We start off with Cateye Rapid X50 USB Rear Light - SHOP NOW
A rear light with 50 lumen output paired with all round visibility. It has USB rechargeability. With a run time of 1hr on high mode and 30hrs when on flash mode.

Next on the list we have a helmet mounted rear light, the Cateye Volt 400 Duplex Front Rear Helmet Light . - SHOP NOW
This helmet light features dual lights that combine into one head unit to be seen from the front and rear for oncoming and approaching traffic on the road . It has USB rechargeability paired with 400 lumens and lightweight on the head with true 180 degree visibility. It has a recharge time of 6 hours with a runtime of 10 hours on middle setting.

To conclude this guide we have the Cateye ORB Rechargeable Front Light - SHOP NOW
This smaller front light can be used in addition to your main cycling lights or connected to your bike, luggage or your clothing. It is USB rechargeable with front and rear options, which is a great feature for your commutes this winter!

That just about wraps up the Cycletribe Light Guide! We hope you gained some new knowledge about cycling lights and what we have in stock and hopefully we’ll see you all well - lit up training this winter and staying safe. Until next time!