Our Top Cyclist Cafes in Wicklow & Dublin

Cycling and coffee is something that always goes hand in hand, a café stop at the end of a long training spin can be the icing on the cake to a good weekends spin. Sometimes you can find yourself asking where you should stop if you’re not in familiar territory, and often it can be hard to figure out which café is cycling friendly. We’ve compiled a list here of our top cafes to go to when you’re out on your next cycling adventure or café ride!

Glendalough Green – Laragh (Wicklow)

Wicklow is home to many big climbs and many cyclists have enjoyed a day out on the bike traversing the mountains in search of a café or a place to rest to get the legs back! This café makes the list as it is an iconic café to many cyclists in the Dublin and Wicklow area, it’s picturesque location in the middle of Laragh makes for a great location as you can descend Wicklow Gap or Sallygap and end up here! It is ideal for some food and coffee to get you over the last push home and is a safe location where your bike can always be visible.

Miriam’s Coffee Oldtown (Dublin)

This is a café that opened on 3rd March 2021 in memory of Miriam Tormey who passed away on October 20th 2020. It opened in the midst of a global pandemic but it has become a focal point for locals and cyclists in these trying times. It started off with many working from home frequenting it and now has grown to be loved by many cyclists who go in searching for their famous sausage rolls! They were even kind enough to show appreciation to the cyclists that stopped in the two weekends before Christmas with presents being handed out. They are moving to a new larger, exciting and better equipped facility from the end of April and it promises to be the best cup of coffee in North County Dublin! 

Catalyst Coffee – Bray (Wicklow)

Whilst Bray may not always strike your mind as a place to stop for a coffee due to the traffic and how busy it can be, in recent years a new comer to the café business, Catalyst Coffee has opened two locations in Bray, one on the Florence Road and one on the Bray Seafront overlooking the picturesque promenade, which serves as a fantastic location to grab a coffee and watch the world go by. Catalyst has a wide range of plant based food and treats with an emphasis on sustainability within their retail locations!

Happy Out Café Clontarf (Dublin)

Situated along the sea this café brings you great views and even better coffee! It started out as Bull Island’s only café 3 years ago and has grown rapidly as one of the areas favourite. It is cyclist friendly and in a great location for a mid-training spin cup of coffee!

Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford (Wicklow)

Open 7 days a week this is a café most cyclists are familiar with and is a favourite with the locals of Wicklow. The Avoca owned café is nestled within the Mount Usher Gardens and is an idealistic relaxing spot with chairs and tables placed all around the gardens, making it a real winner in the summer time, and if the comes down it has a covered area equipped with heating! Many cyclists will make this the halfway point stop of their training spin before continuing on with a renewed sense of energy for the remainder of their training!

Il Panorma Howth and Portmarnock (Dublin)

You can never go wrong with Italian coffee, with a location in Portmarnock and Howth it’s a testimony to just how good the coffee is here. If you’re doing laps of Howth it’s a great treat at the end of your training to pop in here and try it out! This is an ideal spot on a nice sunny day to really take in a great part of Dublin!


Poppies Enniskerry (Wicklow)

Poppies in Enniskerry is another café that has proved popular for cyclists and locals alike for many years, with homemade cakes in a bright airy room or served outdoors at the heart of the beautiful Enniskerry village making it a must go to café on this list. It’s location is perfect on the Wicklow/Dublin border meaning you’re never too far away from home on your training spins!

Breakaway Coffee Dun Laoghaire (Dublin)

An aptly named cyclist café called the Breakaway resides in Dun Laoghaire firing out delicious treats, sandwiches and coffee. The location is ideal in a nice seaside town where you can decide after having a coffee whether to continue on to Wicklow, stay on the flat coast or to brave some uphill’s in the mountains!

That wraps up our list of top cycling cafes in Dublin and Wicklow, we hope that the next time you're out you can get the chance to try one of these cafes on the list because trust us, you're in for a treat!

Until next time.

Sam Gilmore