The Cycletribe Guide to the Castelli Gabba 

Castelli is an Italian cycling clothing company, world renowned for the quality cycling products they create and sell, and they have set the benchmark for all cycling clothing products. The Castelli Gabba jersey was released in 2009 marketed as the ultimate waterproof jersey, and has lived up to its name. Ask any cyclist, and they’ll probably be the owner of the very same jersey, and for a good reason – it really is the true wet weather garment.

Castelli has been worn in the professional peloton for years, and for the simple reason that they make quality products for all the weather conditions you might face. The creation of the Gabba came about in 2009 with talks between the Cervelo TestTeam riders and Castelli engineers to design a waterproof foul weather condition cycling jacket that was breathable as well as being waterproof, to strike this balance at the time was an absolute gamechanger in the world of cycling. After its initial release it was not amateur cyclists who wanted to buy the Gabba at the start, but other professional road racing teams, Castelli knew they were onto a winning formula and it didn’t take long until it caught on to amateur and professional cyclists alike. The Gabba caused a stir in the world of cycling clothing and many competitors of Castelli have also tried to create their own ‘Gabba style’ jersey.

The latest update for the Gabba added it to the Castelli ROS line which stands for ‘Rain or Shine’ which was done to reflect its dry weather performance along with its near waterproofness in the wet weather conditions which has always been the main strength of the Gabba since its initial release.

Castelli has exclusive rights to the Gore-Tex INFINIUM fabric which plays a big role in the latest Gabba RoS. On the front of the jersey is a windproof and fleece-backed INFINIUM, trapping warmth and not letting cold winds rob you of body heat.

Meanwhile, the back is a stretchier and lighter INFINIUMTM 203 fabric, giving the Gabba a perfect fit, outstanding breathability and it's remarkably water-repellent too - a real improvement upon previous Gabba jerseys.

One of the noticeable additions to the RoS Gabba is the new taping in the seams, which can be seen at the shoulder panel. Castelli says that the seams have been taped just far enough to effectively prevent 90% of water ingress but allows the jersey to stay comfortable without it feeling stiff or rigid.

Any cyclist in Ireland can benefit from the purchase of the Castelli Gabba, Ireland has an average number of ‘wet days’ of between 150 days a year along the east and south-east coasts, and 225 days a years in parts of the west... Based upon this info alone, even if you don’t compete in races you can definitely find a use for the Gabba in the average Irish weather, which is traditionally more wet than sunny!

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We hope you gained some newfound knowledge from this product guide! Until the next one. Sam Gilmore