What Cycling Sunglasses Should I Buy?

Owning a good pair of cycling sunglasses is one of the most important investments you can make, it’s your eyes first line of defence against the UV rays of the sun. Wearing sunglasses when out cycling protects your eyes from the wind, rain and any insects that might happen to fly into your eye, especially in the summer months. In the winter time you still have the low sunlight which could dazzle you if you’re without a pair of sunglasses. Cycling sunglasses are designed to stay in place even whilst sweating, minimising the times you would need to take your hands off the handlebars to adjust them. The best cycling glasses. The best lenses will also include technology to increase visual acuity, so you’ll be better able to spot obstacles in front of you whilst out on the road or on the trails. Another reason investing in a pair of cycling specific sunglasses is for protection – they do not break like normal glasses and if you were to be involved in a bike crash you wouldn’t be left with pieces of broken glass in your eyes!

In this blog we have compiled a list of some great cycling glasses that are stylish and will keep your eyes protected whilst out on the road!


Tifosi Alliant Interchangeable Sunglasses - €63.99

These are designed for cyclists who demand performance along with the latest technology packed into their cycling glasses. Building and expanding on the success of the Tifosi Davos, the Alliant offers a multi-vented half frame design to take your performance to the next level.

Using an innovative new shield lens design, the Alliant is undoubtedly the model of choice for the ultimate competitor. The striking Race Neon Alliant comes equipped with Smoke, All Conditions Red, and Clear Interchangeable lenses, a zipped hardshell case and a microfibre cleaning pouch.


These glasses include Fotec Light Night lenses which adapt to changing low light conditions. Tifosi's Fototec lenses adjust rapidly to changing light conditions, utilising variable tint technology. Whatever the light condition, Fototec lenses enhance your performance and increase your comfort by supplying superior clarity and protection. Includes a zipped hardshell case and a microfibre cleaning pouch. 

Tifosi Tsali Clarion Sunglasses - €67.99

These glasses are extremely lightweight and they come with an adjustable nose piece.  Tsali Comes With 3 Interchangeable Polycarbonate Lenses which are Shatterproof and provide 100% Uv Protection. They are highly Light weight with Nose And Earpieces. They are designed to grip in place at your most energetic with the use Hydrophilic Rubber, A material that increases grip as you sweat. Tifosi's Clarion Mirror lenses feature a hydrophobic coating that repels water and sweat to help prevent moisture from gathering on the lens, increasing visibility and preventing distortion.

We hope you gained some newfound knowledge on why cycling specific glasses are a smart investment for your cycling adventures.

Until the next time!

Sam Gilmore