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Pella sportswear clothing technology

Ball Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber knitted fabric, due to the unique alignment of fibres in the fabric, moisture is rapidly transported away and through evaporation, the skin is left cool and dry. Garments made with this fabric are soft to the touch, comfortable, flexible and lightweight.

BALL is produced with "double face knitting" technology which allows to produce fabrics with two faces. The face in contact with skin consists of a fabric with a tighter weave in comparison to that of the outer. This particular structure generates a multitude of capillary channels that allow a rapid expulsion of sweat through capillary action.

Pella cycling wear microfiber fabric

Coolmax Nido D'ape

COOLMAX® by ADVANSA® is a high-tech fabric widely used in the sports world. Main feature is the high transpiration ability that allows the body to remain dry and reduce the phenomenon of overheating.

These performances are due to the special DACRON polyester fibers that make up the yarn, have a four-channel structure larger than about 20% compared to the classical fibers. COOLMAX® caps are also lightweight, do not irritate the skin, retain odors and are easy to maintain. Summing up, this is a special fiber-generated fabric with extreme performance.

Pella cycling wear coolmax fabric



Created with multi-function fabrics, the padding is made of multi-level structure known as "Spacerknit" created with an innovative three-dimensional yarn processing. The result is a fabric with excellent shock-absorbing capabilities and the ability to efficiently regulate temperature while adapting to the shape of the body much like traditional gel pads.

However due to its unique structure, the moisture is absorbed and rapidly excreted. The pad features new patented 'skiving' technology, which eliminates the need to incorporate any of the traditional surface steps and layers. This means it is completely seamless, anatomical and flexible in order to promote the movement, breathability, ease of washing and fast drying times. Thanks to a finishing technology on the pad’s surface the growth of bacteria is eliminated.

Pella airmesh seat pads

Carbon Pad

Seamless pad, thanks to the technique of varying levels, the upholstered parts offer the proper support and maximum protection against impacts in specific anatomical areas. The thinner outer layers provide a better anatomic fit, and (eliminating the ' effect diapers).

The surface of the pad is made of CARBON ® RESISTEX: Antistatic - Dissipative -> because its special conductive fibers absorb and dissipate the electrical charges produced and accumulated from the environment or during physical activity.

Breathable - Temperature Controller -> accelerates the evaporation of sweat and slows the formation of moisture on the skin, keeps the temperature constant

Shielding -> because it protects the body from absorption of static energy, electrosmog and UV rays

Bacteriostatic -> because it respects and protects the skin from bacteria and dust pollution, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies

Performance -> because during physical activity decreases the concentration of lactic acid, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells

In order to ensure permanent protection against bacteria, the fabric is "Bioactive" In fact, thanks to silver ions embedded in the wire prevents bacterial growth.

Pella sportswear carbon seat pad