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Juice Lubes Bike Cleaner - 1L | Cycle Tribe

Juice Lubes Bike Cleaner - 1L

A powerful, kind-on-paint and fast-acting bike wash that’s tough enough for the worst of the Irish winter.
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Your secret weapon against wild winters and typically British shady summers. Dirt Juice is a fast acting bike cleaner that’s brutal on mud but kind on paint. Dirt Juice grabs grime and gives it a right good duffing up, leaving it powerless to resist your bike washing. It works fast, it’s fully biodegradable and it’ll also do the job as a light degreaser to leave your bits shining.

Key Features:

  • Fast and effective bike cleaner.
  • Trigger spray for easy application.
  • Bottle can be refilled using Dirt Juice Super in diluted state.
  • Soft and gentle on paintwork.
  • Premium quality foaming agent.
  • Designed to soak and saturate soiled areas to help lift dirt away from the bike.
  • Formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting – will dwell for around 5 mins as foam.
  • Designed as a functional material rather than a superficial high foam product.
  • Ultra-stable foaming properties for maximum effect.
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Size 172.5mm

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