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Sportful Leg Warmers | Cycle Tribe

Sportful Thermodrytex Leg Warmers

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Sportful Cycling Leg Warmers made from soft stretchy fabric ensuring you stay warm while riding in the colder months.
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The Sportful Thermodrytex Leg Warmers are constructed from a single seam offering the ultimate in comfort while protecting against chafing against your skin. Using the latest technology in fabrics the Thermodrytex plus fabric will keep you warm against the cold and windchill on those winter rides. Highly breathable so your arms won't overheat along with excellent moisture control.

Thermodrytex Fabric Technology
Maximum stretch and a thick warm fleece inner layer make this fabric ideal for uses where warmth and flexibility are key.
Fabric: 84% Nylon and 16% Lycra keep the fabric soft and stretchy.

Rating out of 4 stars

  • Windproofing: 2/4 
  • Waterproofing: 1/4 
  • Insulation: 3/4 
  • Breathability: 4/4
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