Torq Energy Gels

Torq energy gels provide five of the key electrolytes keeping you fuelled on those training or race days, one of the best tasting gels on the market while produced with natural flavours and no artificial sweeteners.

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Product Description

Box of Torq Energy Gels (15 gels x 45g )
Torq energy gels deliver a fast dose of carbs including 5 key electrolytes all with natural flavours. Light on the stomach and with a very thin consistency for ease of consumption. 30g of carbohydrate per serve makes this better value than most gels on the market. 

Features of the Torq Gel Sachets (15x45g)

  • Optimal carbohydrate blend (2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose) 
  • Contains all 5 Electrolytes Natural flavours – including yoghurt flavours 
  • Light texture 
  • No colours or artificial sweeteners 
  • Naturally caffeinated option 
  • Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Suitable for Vegans

The Torq Fuelling system
2-3 Torq units per hour). Each of the following TORQ fuelling products represents 1 TORQ unit:
1 x Torq Energy (@6%), Carbs - 30g, Torq unit - 1
1 x Torq Gel (45g), carbs - 30g, Torq unit - 1
1 x Torq Bar (45g), carbs - 30g, Torq unit - 1

About Torq
We are research-driven and this is key to our philosophy. We don’t fund research, we review, absorb and learn from it, then take on board the detail and use it to formulate better, higher functioning products than anyone else. We use the purest potent natural ingredients to achieve our goals. Where possible, our products are certified Organic by the Soil Association, or carry the Fairtrade mark, providing farmers in developing countries a fair price for their produce.

We don’t use chemical sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours, yet we work meticulously to deliver the finest natural flavour profiles available in any food product, let alone the niche sector TORQ is represented in. From product function, through to usability, flavour and packaging quality and design, we accept absolutely no compromise and always strive for perfection.

Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide
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