Windgoo Madrid M7 Electric Scooter

The latest in the electric scooter using the latest technology in rechargeable battery and electronics.



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Product Description

The Windgoo Madrid M7 electric scooter brings you comfortably and safely to your destination. It offers optimum comfort of movement at the company or exhibition grounds, golf or camping grounds and in parks. The powerful Windgoo Madrid M7 e-scooter with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg drives people up to 20 km/h at 3 adjustable speed levels. 6.5 "solid rubber tires, max speed: 20 km/h, running time: up to 10-12 km / LG lithium battery 4.4Ah / direct drive brushless 250W 24V Thanks to the quick charger, the battery is quickly recharged and provides the scooter with the necessary energy. With the easy-fold function, it is quickly folded to a handy size. Both on the handlebar and on the rear panel is in each case a brake. At the front there is a power-saving LED headlight and a red tail light at the rear for good lighting. So the ride on the electric scooter is safe even at night.

Battery needs to be fully recharged at least 7 to 8 times for full range of distance.

Key Features

  • Brushless 250W motor
  • Rechargeable LG battery 4.4AH
  • Max driver weight 120kg
  • 3 Adjustable speed levels
  • Charging 2-3 timer
  • Easy to carry 
  • LCD display showing current gear, battery indicator, speed and range.
  • Overload protection
  • 6.5" wheel
  • Up To 10km range per full charge
  • Max speed 20km/h
  • Weight only 8.2kg
  • Product size 102 X 15 X 113cm
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Sizing Guide
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